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SPC Heating and Cooling Coils

SPC Heating and Cooling Coils

  • Heating and cooling 1
  • Heating and Cooling 2
Part number: 122379
Delivery: Please Call for Current Price


Heating and cooling coils

Our heat exchanger coils are used whenever there is a need to heat, cool, or dehumidify the air – they
are also used to recover heat.

Coils are found in ductwork and central plants in a variety of environments including hospitals,
shopping centres, offices and laboratories. They also play a key part within industrial processes
such as blast freezing, drying and material temperature control. We offer a range of coil options that can be
optimised to your needs:

Water coils transfer heat energy between water and air as quickly and efficiently as possible. Heating coils transfer energy from hot water to
a stream of air and cooling coils extract energy from an air stream and add it to cold water.
Casing options: economy, standard, enclosedand unitary.

Steam coils are heat exchangers that transfer heat energy from steam to air as efficiently as
possible. The heat energy comes from the latent heat of vapourisation of the steam as it changes
phase from vapour to condensate. Casing options: standard, enclosed and unitary.

Refrigerant coils transfer heat energy between the refrigerant and the air as quickly and efficiently
as possible. Condenser coils transfer heat from the refrigerant to air as the refrigerant changes phase
from vapour to liquid. DX evaporator coils transfer heat from the air into the refrigerant as it changes
phase from liquid to vapour.
Casing options: standard, enclosed and unitary.

Run-around coils are self-contained heat recovery systems that consist of a matched pair
of coil heat exchangers. The two coils are piped together in a continuous loop through which the
heat-exchange medium (water or a water/­antifreeze mix) flows. A reclaim pump pack ensures
that the medium flows between the two coils at the prescribed rate against the total system resistance.
Casing options: standard, enclosed and unitary.

Also available: electric heater batteries, reclaim pump packs, a replacement design and manufacture
service, Blygold coil protection, free site surveys and SPC2000 coil selection software.


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