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What to do if Poor Water Pressure is Driving You Crazy



MainsBoost™Water Performance Systems utilise patented accumulator technology to increase flow rates and stabilise pressure on mains water supplies to invented cylinders and combination boilers etc.

MainsBoost™Water Performance Systems are a real alternative to break tanks and booster sets with the added advantage of silent operation, zero energy consumption and virtually no maintenance to deliver power shower performance without the need for pumps.

Thein­no­vati­veWater Performance System (WPS)harnesses the power of natural energy to deliver the luxury and enjoyment of a full flow shower, no matter how many othertaps or appliances are running.

MainsBoost Plus™


The MainsBoostPlus™Water Performance System combi­nes­Ma­in­sBoost™patented accumulator technology with the innovative direct on mains Charger™MJ3pump to increase both pressure and flow rates.

TheMa­in­sBo­ost­Plu­sTMde­livers improved water pressure and flow rates to all domestic applications where both water flow and pressure require boosting or where pressure is below 1.8 bar at the stop tap of the property; it is quick and easy to install and delivers some great features.

TheWRA­Sap­pro­ved­water boosting system combines the best features of the MainsBoost™andMainsBoostCharger™. Designed to fit into the most restricted space,­MainsBoostPlus™ guarantees improved water pressure and flow, with up to 3.5bar pressure available to every outlet. Whether you are in amulti-store­yap­ar­tment complex or a large family home, it is now possible to fill a bath and have 2 or even 3 showers running at the same time.

You don’t have to be reliant on the water utility company to enjoy good water pressure and flow.

Available in a range of sizes to suit every application,­MainsBoostPlus™ has a unique energy saving “green” bypass manifold which saves money compared to the running costs of a standard shower booster pump and it's quieter too!

MainsBoost Charger™


The direct on mains Charger™MJ1pump will deliver increased water pressure up to 3.5 bar. Working with one or moreMainsBoost™units the innovative Charger™MJ1pump draws a regulations compliant12lpm from the main, with any additional flow passing through a'GREEN ENERGY' bypass directly into theMa­in­sBo­ost­TMunits.

The Charger™isWRASapproved direct on mains pump is ideal for larger properties with multiple bathrooms or high demand applications; Care homes, sports facilities, golf clubs, hotels and much more. "Delivering water where you need it, when you need it."

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