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Make Room for Expansion Vessels...!

Used to offer continuing protection to sealed hot water systems from excess pressure, expansion vessels are essential and must be regularly checked to ensure they are fit for purpose. HECAS offer a full complement of expansion vessels designed to suit every application, manufactured in full compliance with EN13831 according to the EC Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

Referred to as ‘water hammers’, surges of pressure are caused when liquid in a closed water heating system suddenly changes directions or stops. This impact can be damaging to the system but the problem is solved with an expansion vessel which, partially filled with impact-softening air, offers protection and saves the system from becoming damaged. The buildup of damage can take a long time but is relentless; the best way to protect the system is with expansion vessels; always choose high quality from HECAS to ensure peace of mind.

The water in a closed water heating system is subject to thermal expansion i.e. it increases in volume when heated. This is another cause of water hammers and an expansion vessel also helps by absorbing the extra pressure. Not only used in domestic situations, expansion vessels can also be found in most car engines and large-scale industrial machinery, facilitating our everyday life in countless ways by ensuring the smooth running of these and other essential products and services.

When used in a Domestic Hot Water (DHW) system, the expansion vessel and all of its components must conform rigidly to drinking water regulations. All domestic expansion vessels supplied by HECAS are manufactured in accordance with this strict standard to ensure that you have peace of mind from the moment the vessel is installed until the end of its service life, many years in the future. You really won't find any better and at a more competitive price than you will right here at HECAS so why not choose the best?!

Along with our range of expansion vessels and cylinders, HECAS also offer access to a select range of sealed system components such as brackets and pressure gauges. We can also provide the renowned Reflex Sealed System Expansion Kits - and Zilmet Expansion Vessels complete professional solution.

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