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Ghostbusting with HECAS!

Do you hear things going BUMP in the night? Who you gonna call? Well, before you pick up the phone for the Ghostbusters, you might want to give us a call here at HECAS first. You could have hammers in your heating!

Reflex Heating Expansion VesselsReflex Potable Expansion Vessels

If your heating system is making unnerving noises, it could be due to excess pressure. It builds up and then surges through the liquid in the closed system, causing it to stop flowing or even reverse direction. The impact thus created is slightly damaging to the system and, if the pressure doesn’t go away, it’s going to be happening many times in a day. Eventually, the damage will become significant and your heating system will stop making any noise at all because it will be broken.

Excess pressure in a closed heating system can be caused due to thermal expansion, which means that there is a volume increase when the liquid is heated.  There is a simple, smart and sure way to protect sealed hot water systems from pressure build up and that is by installing a suitable expansion vessel to take the impact. An expansion vessel is partially filled with air to soften the blow, protecting the delicate system and keeping it running efficiently.

Here at HECAS, we have got the right expansion vessel to suit your system. A huge range of options means that you can quickly get everything just right and start protecting your system from water hammers and the problems they cause. A heating system is an investment and should offer many years of reliable service; you can help make sure it does by giving it the best care that is available.

If the water system is just used for heating then a Heating Expansion Vessel is the choice to go for. If it is used in a domestic hot water system, however, then you MUST choose the Potable Expansion Vessel in order to conform with strict drinking water regulations. Reflex expansion vessels are particularly popular and, if you're considering improving your heating and hot water system efficiency,  to check out what makes them a best selling item among our discerning customers.

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