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Flamco Flexfiller — Versatile and Effective

Flamco Flexfiller

The big, heavy and awkward cold water storage tank that is usually found in the loft is no longer a necessity - the Flamco Flexfiller is in town! One of these quality pressurisation units could replace your old model or even the header tank, meaning that the worry of corroded pipework, boilers and heat exchangers is no more. It is time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new…

A water system the includes a pressurisation unit is sealed to prevent air from getting in, as well as limiting the intake of fresh water to allow for any leakage within. Efficiency is improved and also energy use, which means the benefits will be noticed in your wallet as well as in your water! HECAS have a broad range of Flamco Flexfiller models on offer, including:

The Flexfiller MINI

Compact yet powerful, the Flexfiller Mini works with chilled water systems with a 50l or lower capacity expansion vessel attached. When used with a water heating system, this model can work with expansion vessel capacities reaching up to a huge 300 litres

The Flexfiller MIDI

Going up a level in size but still extremely compact and efficient, the midi can be supplied as both twin and single pump systems and can be wall mounted for even greater versatility and clever use of space

The Flexfiller STANDARD

The single or twin pump system option is still available but the standard unit is freestanding, giving more stability in operation

The Flexfiller TWIN

Got two separate systems to control? No problem for the Flexfiller Twin! It doesn't matter if one system is chilled and the other hot - this versatile model will easily control both separately.

Flexfiller units are fully enclosed and extremely user friendly. Inside is a microprocessor featuring a common BMS facility or an individual facility for high and low pressures. All levels are easily monitored with the included collection of handy, concise diagnostic tools. You are protected by full WRAS approval and Cat5 protection, so you can install the Flexfiller and not have to worry as it will continue to provide years of hassle-free efficient operation.

Call the experts at HECAS today on 0333 772 0776 and discover which is the best Flamco Flexfiller for your property - what have you got to lose except your noisy, cumbersome old storage tank!?

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