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25 litreTub Inhibitor AntiFreeze HC1297

25ltr Tub Inhitited Anti-Freeze HC1297
  • £93.88
Part number: 120881

The boiler is a valuable part of the smooth running of your home, providing hot water on demand and central heating when you need it. It’s often not until it stops working properly that you give a second thought to its health.

Chemicals from the top manufacturers have been produced to protecting and maintain central heating systems. There are a number of products that have been designed to restore and maintain heating efficiency; for protecting new systems, restoring older systems and prolonging the life of expensive components such as the boiler.

Central Heating Corrosion

We all think of water as pretty innocuous stuff, but when the wrong conditions come together as they can inside a central heating system, corrosion can occur rapidly. The process of corrosion is a chemical reaction and is likely to occur when a metal surface is in contact with water. As with most chemical reactions, heating the water accelerates the process, making your central heating the perfect place for corrosion to thrive if it hasn’t been properly prepared and protected.

Whether your own research or a recommendation from your heating engineer has brought you to our site, we hope you’ll leave with a firm understanding of why water treatment is so important in keeping maintenance and running costs down.

Sympoms to look out for

Any of these symptoms can indicate an underlying problem within the system, so if you notice one or more, it may be wise to investigate further.


Are there cold spots? If so, are they at the top of the radiator or the bottom? Do you have to bleed the radiators often?


Does it come from the radiator, the boiler, or the system in general? What kind of noise is it – a hissing, banging or clunking?

Boiler Running Time

Do some rooms seem to never get warm? Do you have to run the boiler for a long period of time to heat up the entire house?

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