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Can your SHOWER get any SLOWER?!


Sick of struggling with poor flow rates, waiting hours for the bath to fill or standing under shower that is more like a SLOWER?? Struggle no longer - simply invest in a Mainsboost Water Performance System and it will change your life - HECAS give you our guarantee. Whether you require a commercial or home booster, Mainsboost has got you covered - just look at this mighty list of impressive features!

Improves and increases water pressure up to 3.5bar/80 lpm, allowing you to easily run four standard showers simultaneously with no lowering of flow rate - pure luxury for properties who have gotten used to a depressing rate of water flow. No longer do you have to put up with it when their is such a convenient, affordable and reliable way to avoid it

Unobtrusive, space-efficient units benefit from intelligent design - let your space dictate your solution and not the other way around because it’s YOURS!

Patented accumulator technology maximises water performance to an optimal level with every use

Units stabilise any pressure placed on them and provide a genuinely viable alternative to break tanks and other such traditional large, heavy and cumbersome units - out with the old!

Whisper-quiet operation and extremely low maintenance - if only the kids were so easy to handle

Reduces energy usage, helping to protect the environment and your finances at the same time - be green and save money too!

All Mainsboost products are fully-compliant with the latest water regulations and carry WRAS approval for the ultimate peace-of-mind when ordering - you know for certain that it’s been professionally made with quality materials and is more than fit for purpose

No reduction in output when other appliances or taps are running to deliver consistent service and uninterrupted flow - no more sudden icy-cold or boiling-hot shocks in the shower!

Huge selection of varieties, configurations and sizes to ensure you can locate the ideal water booster set to suit your unique requirements - the expert team here at HECAS are always available to offer guidance in finding your perfect model

Full 5-year warranty supplied on Mainsboost cylinders and 2yrs on the other items, subjet to registration and commisioned by the installer so you can relax and enjoy your new, exceptional flow rate without worrying

If all of this sounds good to you (and why wouldn’t it!?), then it’s time to wave goodbye to slow showers, tetchy taps and below-par baths with a Mainsboost Water Performance System available today from HECAS. You will wonder how you ever lived without one - guaranteed.

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